What are the benefits of Captain Insure?

As shipping costs rise, the few orders that are "lost" each month slowly become more and more expensive. The Captain Insure App helps you offset the cost of shipping issues by giving you a tool that allows you to charge your customers a small fee for shipping protection.

Will all shipping protection fees paid by customers be retained by the merchant? How much does the customer need to pay?

Shipping protection fees paid by the customer are retained entirely by the merchant (we are not an insurance company and do not cover plans).

In our app, you can set up to charge for shipping protection either as a fixed price or as a percentage of the total item price.

Will customers actually opt-in and pay it?

Yes, over 80% of our clients pay this small additional fee. Captain Insure is an app built by merchants for merchants. This means that we are already running our app in our own Shopify Plus store, generating a lot of extra profit every month.

Are we an insurance company?

No, we are not. We are a software company that allows e-commerce stores and merchants to charge their customers a small fee for shipping protection, helping you offset the cost of issues like damaged, lost, or stolen packages.

How are we different from insurance companies?

First, we are not an insurance company. We will not communicate with your customers at any time. Instead, we give you, the merchant, the tools to help you provide your customers with shipping protection, but where you control the entire experience. You collect and retain the fees, which you can use to offset the cost of the claim as needed. What's left is your profit.

Can you display your widget during checkout?

Shopify currently only opens up the ability to customize checkout pages for Shopify Plus stores, so you need a Shopify Plus store to load the widget.

Are specific refund and compensation policies set by the merchant?

Yes, specific refund and compensation policies are set by the merchant, and you may choose to include the refund policy URL in the shipping protection purchase instructions.

We are using other insurance apps now, can you help us delete them and switch?

Yes! Our support team has done this dozens of times. Please contact support via Live Chat in the App or email support@shipwill.org and we will be happy to help you migrate.

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