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The Captain Insure App is a tool for creating self-funded shipping protection plans for your customers, where we take the lead to the merchants themselves, offsetting the cost of claims for damaged, lost or stolen packages. The premium set by the merchant is deposited entirely into the merchant's account, we are not an insurance company and do not underwrite the program.

Cart page widget

1. A clean and safe install

Since the Captain Shipping Protection widget is embedded in the theme using Shopify's latest technical approach to ensure a clean, secure installation, you'll need to head over to the theme editor to enable app embedding first.

Please note that it is important to remember to click Save to complete the application embedding. Please be assured that although the app embed is saved, the widget will not yet appear in your store cart and will not affect the normal functioning of your store cart. You will also need to publish the widget in the next step of our app before applying the widget.

2. Setting up the widget

Go to the Cart page insurance menu to publish insurance widget at the cart page and set the insurance price and appearance;

Once the insurance widget is published, the widget will start working in your store cart. You can add a product and check the widget effect in the store cart.

Please note: Different store themes have different shopping cart styles, if the widget does not display and work properly in your store shopping cart, please turn off the publish switch in this step only, but do not turn off the switch for the App embedding in step 1 (This way the widget will not appear in your store cart, while our technical experts will be able to check it and adapt it to your store theme) .

Then please contact support via Live Chat in the App or email and we will check your theme and adapt it to ensure the widget displays and works perfectly in your store cart.

3. Customer Purchase Shipping Protection

Shipping protection actually exists in your store in the form of a digital product.

When the widget is enabled, the app automatically creates a shipping protected product for you, the customer places the order with shipping protection enabled, and then at checkout the system adds the shipping protected item to the order.

4. Merchants keep all profits

We are not an insurance company and do not underwrite the program. Merchants keep all profits from shipping protection products and use a portion of those profits to offset claim costs as needed in the event of an individual claim, and the rest is all yours.

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