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Shopify currently only opens up the ability to customize checkout pages for Shopify Plus stores, so you need a Shopify Plus store to load the widget.

Quick Setup

Step 1. In the Checkout page insurance menu, publish the widget at checkout page, and then click Go to checkout editor

Step 2. In the Shopify checkout editor, click the Add app block button, click to add the "Captain Shipping Protection" app block, check the displayed insurance style and amount, and finally remember to Save!

Step 3. After the addition is completed, you can also click the arrow in the upper left corner to return to the editing page and adjust the position of the widget you want.

Finally, remember to go to the actual checkout page of your store to review the widget styles to make sure they appear and function properly.

If there are any problems, please turn off the widget switch in the App, but there is no need to remove the App block of the checkout page editor, so that the widget will no longer be displayed on your checkout page. Then please contact support via Live Chat in Our App or email and we will check your theme and adapt it to ensure the widget displays and works perfectly on your store's checkout page.

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