About store theme compatibility

Different store themes have different shopping cart styles, if the widget fails to display and work properly in your store shopping cart, please contact support via Live Chat in the app or email support@shipwill.org, we will check your theme and adapt it to ensure the widget displays and works perfectly in your store shopping cart.

If you are using a third-party theme or the developer has modified your shopping cart style, these situations may cause the insurance widget to display abnormally. Please feel free to contact us via Live Chat in the app and we will check your theme and adapt it.

We are highly concerned about template compatibility, we guarantee that the insurance widget embedding is seamless and perfect, and will not add any extra code to your theme and uninstall without any residual code.

We are currently fully compatible with 209 Shopify templates, and we will keep updating to be perfectly compatible with more templates. We value your feedback and you can always contact us at support@shipwill.org

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